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Roadshows and Product Presentations

Clients are constantly invited to innumerable tourism and commercial presentations, normally Power Point shows with endless details and barely any humour or inspiration. But your customers are more precious to you and you would like to present a witty and clever show of your touristic or corporate portfolio. We choose interesting locations and develop a show that will entertain and inform your clients at the same time.

Lecturetainment – the witty way to be entertained and learn

Patty Witzigmann, actress, moderator and event manager, has developed a modern way of meeting historical figures "brought to life". Enjoy interesting episodes told by Empresses, Queens, artists, celebrities and many more characters, presented in a colourful and informative visual and audio show.

Experience a kaleidoscope of art, culture, society and politics of times gone by. Profound knowledge, a wealth of background information and a charming presentation with many costumes offer you a journey "back in time" – simply the smart way to experience history during a cruise, either on board, or unplugged in the original local settings.

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